Can more than one dog and owner use the park at the same time?

Yes, you can book up to 4 dogs in the park by yourself or with a friend

Are XL Bully Dogs allowed in your park?

Yes, but owners must follow these rules.

Rules for XL Bully owners to use WoofPark :

  • Owners must hold active public liability insurance for the dog/s
  • Dogs must be microchipped
  • The XL Bully Application fee paid
  • Dogs must also be neutered. This will be by 30 June 2024 for most dogs, and by the end of 2024 for dogs under one-year-old on 31 January 2024.

Additional information for the Use of WoofPark

  • We have added an additional security bolt on the gate of WoofPark.  This is to ensure that the gate cannot be opened from the outside (in the unlikely event of the coded gate lock malfunction).  Please keep this inside lock bolted for the duration of your booking and before the dog is released and muzzle removed.
  • When outside WoofPark  Government legislation for XL bullies applies eg All XL Bully dogs must also be kept on a lead and muzzled when in public.  All XL Bully dogs must be registered.
Opening Hours

Summer: (1st March to 30th September) 7am to 8pm

Winter: (1st October to 29th February) 8am to 4pm

What if I lose my access code or forget it at home?

If you lose or forget your access code, don’t worry! Simply contact us & we will assist you.

How long can I use Woofpark for?

Bookings are for 45 minutes and we ask that you leave the park promptly to allow sufficient changeover time so the next users can start their session on the hour without interruption or delay.

Is there shelter?

Yes there is a wooden shelter with a bench

Is there water?

Yes, there will be water available by farm gate between field and Flourish carpark.

What about poo bags?

If you have forgotten your own bags there will be emergency bags in the shelter.

Are waste bins available?

There will be a waste bin for poo bags but please take your own rubbish home with you.

Is free parking available?

Yes, there are two dedicated car parking spaces in the Flourish Carpark.

How long does the unique code last?

The code will work during the 45 minutes you have booked and will be invalid before and after your session.

Are dog toys available?

No.  For Health and Safety reasons we do not provide dog toys

Do I have to show my dog’s vaccination card?

It is our priority that we look after the health and wellbeing of all dogs.  By ensuring all visiting dogs are vaccinated it lowers the risk of transferable disease spreading.  When booking we ask you to confirm your dog is fully vaccinated and will do spot checks.

Can I leave my dog alone in Woofpark?

Under no circumstances can you leave your dog unattended.  An adult must always stay with your dog.

What happens if the previous dog owners overrun on their time slot?

If this happens please adhere to your exit time and report it to us afterwards.

Can I smoke/vape in the park?

No, we operate a strict no smoking, no vaping policy.

The joy of Woofpark lies in its exclusivity - with a unique access code system in place, only one booking can use the field at any given time.

Terms and Conditions

By opting to use Woof Park, you consent to our rules, terms, and conditions. Please be aware that Woof Park does not accept liability for any accidents, injuries, or damages to property, persons, or dogs, regardless of the cause, while utilising our facility.

The Booking

  1.  All bookings are made via the Woofpark Website.
  2. Access: By car: There are 2 dedicated parking spaces in the Flourish Foodhall carpark (with signs) by gate into field.  Cross the field to Woofpark.  On foot: from A4 through the kissing gate onto the public footpath next to Woofpark.  Please keep your dog on a lead until securely inside Woofpark.
  3. Your booking allows for 45 minutes to enjoy Woofpark from the start of your booking time. We leave 15 minutes for you to exit and leave the area.
  4. Please be prepared to exit promptly at the end of your 45 minute booking to avoid causing inconvenience to the incoming user.
  5. The booking is personal to the user and is non-transferrable or sublet-able.

The Secure Field

  1. Users are obliged to ensure noise levels remain acceptable while enjoying the park.
  2. Dogs should not be left unattended at any time and should not be tethered to any structures on site ie fencing, posts, gates etc
  3. Visitors and their property, including dogs, are on the premises at their own risk. Woofpark bears NO responsibility for injury or loss/damage of property. Please exercise caution on the potentially uneven field.
  4. Be advised that any accidental injuries to you or your dog(s) incurred on our premises will need to be covered by you for any personal or veterinary fees. Woofpark assumes NO liability for death, injury, or illness of any person(s) or dog(s) while utilising our facility. We strongly recommend pet insurance.
  5. Smoking, BBQs, and fires are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on site.
  6. All dog poo must be picked up; poo bags are provided and must be placed in the bin provided.  Not picking up after your dog(s) could result in a ban from any future use of the field.  Please leave the field as you would like to find it.
  7. Please take all waste home. Any toys or tennis balls brought on site must be removed, even if damaged.
  8. There are no general waste bins or toilets on site.

Dog Owners

  1. Minors under 18 are not allowed on site unless supervised by an adult.
  2. If your dog becomes unwell or contracts a virus (e.g., kennel cough) before, during, or after using Woofpark, please notify us promptly
  3. A wash down area is available at the entrance.
  4. While the site is fully fenced to over 6 feet, we cannot guarantee that dogs that can tunnel or jump high will not escape. Please discourage your dogs from digging.
  5. Please note that as the site is an open field, wheelchair access is difficult.
  6. Woofpark reserves the right to send text and email reminders with access codes.

Dogs Health and Welfare

  1. We require all dogs to be immunised before using the Park.  Please ensure your dog(s) are up to date with worming treatments. If your dog or any dog it has recently be in contact with shows signs of kennel cough, vomiting or diarrhoea please cancel your session.
  2. We will spot check vaccination cards.  Please be prepared to provide this evidence of vaccinations if requested.
  3. Please ensure your dog is treated against ticks and fleas
  4. Please keep your dog on a lead until securely within Woofpark
  5. Do not leave your dog unattended
  6. Verbal or physical abuse of your dog is not allowed