Welcome to Woofpark

Secure sole use Dog Exercise Field

Access Woofpark on foot (off A4) or parking in Flourish carpark

Easy online booking and reservation


What is Woofpark?

Woof Park is a large secure dog exercise field for private hire.  There is a secure coded gate and dog proof wire netting over 6ft high.  You and your dog(s) will have exclusive, uninterrupted time to exercise and play in a large, enclosed environment.

Woof Park is the perfect solution for dog owners who want a worry-free space.  If you have a reactive dog or one with unreliable recall our park is the ideal solution.  From active pups to more anxious pets the facility offers a unique environment to suit a range of needs and preferences.

Just make a booking and a unique code will be forwarded to you.  No-one else can access the park during your booking so you are guaranteed sole use.

Along with an amazing view the park also has a shelter.  Why not pop in to Flourish (dog friendly) afterwards for a well deserved treat.


Bookings are for 45 minutes (we allow 15 minutes to leave site to limit overlap with the next user). 10% Discount available for a block of 4 bookings
1 dog
Exclusive Access for you and your dog. Perfect for those dogs who prefer their own space.
  • per session
2 Dogs
Why not bring along your dog's best friend and let both dogs enjoy the park together?
  • per session
3-4 Dogs
They say three's a crowd, not in our park where your dogs will have lots of room to play and run.
  • per session

Woof Park Tips and Tricks for Owners

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What our dog owners say!



Woof Park is a blessing! Our nervous rescue dog finally gets to run free without fear. A+ service.



My dog loves Woof Park! The freedom, the safety—it’s his favourite part of the day. Brilliant!



Woof Park is a game-changer! Ideal for recall training with no other dogs to distract. Perfect!

Park Opening Hours

Every day is a play day for your furry friends! We are delighted to announce that our park is open seven days a week, from the early morning hours until late in the evening.

Every day - 6:00am - 9:00pm


Exclusive Access

Enjoy your private playtime in our secure park. Perfect for dogs who prefer their own company or book with a friend.

Secure Perimeter

A 6ft fenced perimeter ensures Woofpark is a haven for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our expansive green space allows your dog(s) to stretch their legs, sniff new scents, and explore to their heart’s content.

Unique Entry

No queues, no fuss. Book online receive your unique gate access code and turn up at your booked time.

Woofpark is securely fenced and accessed via a unique code. Only one booking per slot (up to 4 dogs) providing a stress-free environment.

Opening Times

We are currently open between 6am to 9pm.